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At the heart of DAZR's performance is their passion for the raw, unbridled power of rock n roll. This young and energetic group infuses the iconic rock n roll era of music with an edge.
Shredding guitar riffs and an unstoppable wave of energy captivate every soul in the room. Their unique blend of original compositions seamlessly integrates into their set list with their music now streaming on all platforms.

​DAZR showcases their electrifying performances at large festivals, live music venues, fraternity functions, and private events.



J. Goss-WIS TV 10


We have seen you live

and y'all are amazing!

We had to get you on the show!

J. Burns-Shot Thru The Heart

They killed it!

Great compliment to what we do! Hope to bring them along for more show!

J. Boozer- Facebook

                                                                                                                                                                                                     You should see these guys!

They are phenomenal!

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